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Since May 1983 when the first photojournalism courses were conducted in the Afghan refugee camps of Peshawar, Aina's concept of media training has taken root in an informal fashion in various areas of the world such as South Africa, the Philippines, refugee camps in former Zaire, and central Asia.

December 2001 marked Aina's official launch as an association and the early stage of its far-reaching actions in Afghanistan.

After nine years of official existence, Aina is keeping up its efforts throughout the world in 2010.

The association has been carrying out actions in the area of the press, radio, video and every aspect related to visual communication and the media. With its many achievements in Afghanistan, Aina as a third-generation NGO has become a true global-oriented multimedia training institute with the aim to promote independent media as well as women's and children's education. Because the building of a strong civil society and respect for freedom of speech are key priorities and a necessity everywhere populations have suffered from conflicts, disasters and silence.